Advanced Microcontroller Audio Workshop Summary

Submitted by skinny on Thu, 2016-06-09 20:33

As I said in my last blog post, I've been meaning to do little summaries of the workshops, so here's another one!

Paul volunteered to give his Advanced Microcontroller Audio workshop again and I jumped at the oppurtunity to finally take it. When I arrived I got my workshop packet which included well written documentation and a kit filled with a lot of great stuff. Paul and Thomas talked very briefly and introduced the workshop. It's structured to be done at your own pace with Paul and Thomas hovering around to help when needed.
DorkbotPDX April 2016 Workshop

The documentation is here if you want to look at it. The kit came with a Teensy 3.2, an audio shield, breadboard with switches and pots, hookup wire, sd card, and a TFT display!

The workshop starts off with verifying the initial hardware and software, playing sounds, playing sounds with effects, and finally builds all of the way up to playing audio and displaying a peak meter on the TFT. Most of the workshop is centered around using the Teensy library via the graphical Audio System Design Tool which is a lot like Pure Data.

Here's a quick video of the final exercise, sorry about the crappy audio, I knocked one of the wires I had plugged into the display around a bit and it distorted the playback.

DorkbotPDX April 2016 Workshop


I'm excited to use the audio library in future projects. I want to scare some kids this Halloween with a project, having an easy sound library to do it with will definitely help.