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ESP8266 for Beginners

The ESP8266 allows you to create small microcontroller based projects that can be controlled via web interfaces. So you can control your project from your phone with a nice UI! Meaning you can get your project running faster because you don't have to create a full hardware UI for your project. We'll get the Arduino IDE up and running and try a few different programming options. We'll be programming the NodeMcu. This is a beginner class.

Instructor: Thomas Hudson

Sunday November 13th, Noon to 3pm at

Ctrl-H, 7608 N. Interstate, Portland, OR 97217

Cost: $25 goes to Ctrl-H and cost of hardware

RSVP required! Limited to 15 people! RSVP to

Example project:

Thu, 2016-11-03 20:11    [Permalink]


RSVP List:

  1. Daniel Diaz
  2. Sam
  3. Sean Fontenot
  4. Xengie Doan
  5. Jason Catolico
  6. Mike Chastain
  7. Neil Pilgrim
  8. Diane Pfeiffer
  9. Michael Roberts
  10. Rick Shory
  11. Bill McAlister
  12. Marco Sanchez
  13. Austin Whipple
  14. Tyler Adams
  15. Eric Lewallen

Wait List:

  1. Andrew Grim
  2. Rick Burkard
  3. Eric Allen Youngson (Has own NodeMCU)