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DorkbotPDX BusPirate Board Design

Submitted by doctek on Wed, 2012-02-08 22:13

For the many of you who are wanting a BusPirate, here are the design files. The Schematic, the Board and the Gerbers as a zip. Please review and comment - we don't want any errors in this!

Special thanks to Monty for the DorkbotPDX logo. Who knew what artistic talent he has? ;>)}}

Also thanks to Monty, Scott D. and Greg P. for comments and suggestions while I was editing the board and Gerbering.

Most of all, thanks to Greg for organizing this whole adventure and to Jared for setting us off on it to begin with.

ZigBee Radio Project Details posted

Submitted by doctek on Sun, 2010-11-07 18:31

For those of you who expressed interest in my home-made ZigBee radios, I've now posted all the project details (parts lists, board design, SW , etc.) on the AVR Freaks site in the Projects area. You have to sign up to access it, but you know you should anyway. Great for all things AVR.

Here's the link:


Radios for Remote Sensing

Submitted by doctek on Sun, 2010-09-26 19:18

Most of you folks know that I created a ZigBee radio design using the Atmel AT86RF230B a few months back and that I keep saying that I'll make it work "real soon now". Well, after a concentrated effort over the last two weeks, I have two of the radios talking! (I'm excited anyway.) One is hooked to a Teensy2++ as the Coordinator (a ZigBee term) and sends received data out the USB/serial link to display in a terminal window. The other uses a Teensy2, configured as a ZigBee Device, which sends a reading every ten seconds to the Coordinator for display.

Robotics Breadboard Instructable Posted

Submitted by doctek on Thu, 2010-09-09 20:38

For those who are interested in the Robotics Environment you've seen at Dorkbot meetings and might want to build a robot (maybe not quite as elaborate as Ward's), I've posted two Instructables you might want to check out. One even has a little video with it! Here are the links:

The second prominently features the Teensy2 and has a cameo by Dorkboard.



IR Controller for Surface Mount Soldering

Submitted by doctek on Sat, 2010-01-30 12:49

Updating my earlier Extreme Surface Mount Soldering Instructable, and based on some great work by Scott Dixon, I've posted a new Instructable. Check it out here:

Included are complete instructions for modifying the sensor and all the software for control. This is a significant improvement to the old method. Enjoy!

Solder Paste Source

Submitted by doctek on Wed, 2010-01-06 11:17

Lots of folks have asked about where to get solder paste for surface mount work (after the workshop). Here's that info for reference.

Digikey Solder paste part numbers: > SMD291SNL-ND 5cc Tube $14.25 > SMD291SNL10-ND 10cc Tube $20.93

Local Vendor: General Tool on NW Nicolai This was reported in Blabber by Richard Harding back on 10/16/09. I haven't tried them myself, but here's what Richard had to say: quote:

Extreme Surface Mount Workshop

Submitted by doctek on Mon, 2009-12-21 13:05

Thanks to all who attend the Workshop! Watching the group go from shocked amazement at seeing the tiny parts placed with tweezers to the point where everyone built a board themselves in just a few hours was both fun and exciting for me. Hopefully, those experiencing the process had as much fun. The hot plate process worked great and the solder paste silkscreens Scott made on the Tech Shop laser were outstanding.

Ten more Dorkbots are off and running with Surface Mount Technology!