DorkbotPDX 0x0C

  • When: Monday August 26th, 2013 - 8pm
  • WhereInstrument (map)
  • Who: All ages -- open to the public
  • Cost: Free!

Zach Archer

The Hypnolamp

Using LEDs and an Arduino, Zach converted a simple lamp into a hypnotic work of art. Knobs and sensors were added to control the animation and colors. Zach will reveal the HypnoLamp's secrets, and discuss the creative process, interactivity, and the coming revolution in home lighting.
Zach is a developer who focuses on interactive media and installations. He lives in Portland.

Drew McIntyre

The Art of Breaking Video: Observations, Insights & Instabilities.

Why stop at Speak n' Spells and Nintendos?  Big Pauper employees an obscure arsenal of hand-modified electronics to sculpt multimedia installations, sound design & glitch visuals.  Glitch video production will be the matter at hand this evening as Pauper shares the methods & the madness behind modifying video equipment, personal computers and video gaming hardware.  Should be good fun!!

Big Pauper is a multimedia artist, producer & mad scientist of sorts living here in Portland, OR.  He works as part of the circuit bent sound-art collective Folktek.  He also breaks video gear for a living under the enterprise Big Pauper Modified Circuitry.  He also just released a multimedia EP you should hear/view:


An open-mic session for those looking to show off a project, ask a question, solicit help, or incite collaboration.  Please limit to 5 minutes.


Ideal diode circuit fixing

Submitted by RussellSenior on Tue, 2013-07-16 02:01

At the bi-weekly meeting tonight, as promised, I brought my non-working circuit, and as promised, Paul helped me get it working.  It is a circuit that allows current to flow through a p-channel mosfet ( from a power supply to a 12V sealed lead-acid battery and a load (which draws about 120 mA, normally), but that prevents current from flowing from the battery back into the power supply.  The idea is to use an op-amp to compare the voltages upstream and downstream of the mo

The HypnoLamp Goes to Maker Faire

Submitted by zkarcher on Thu, 2013-05-23 14:59

Portland Dorkbot had a booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire this year. Here's my first proper invention, the HypnoLamp, alongside the Editor's Choice award that we received:

HypnoLamp + Editor's Choice Award

Many factors helped birth the HypnoLamp: At Toorcamp 2012, I learned to program microcontrollers. Jeff of OlyMEGA blessed me with addressable LED strips, at the aforementioned event. Jeff was also at the Portland Mini Maker Faire, showcasing (among other things) glass Ikea lamps with LEDs inside. I decided to build my own version!

Maker Faire 2013

Submitted by paul on Tue, 2013-05-14 16:48

The Dorkbot booth at Maker Faire worked out really well.  Here's a couple good photos Zach took:

This is the right-hand side, with my extremely bright OctoWS2811 Arduino library demo triggered by stomp pads.

This is the center with Tom's Bee counter, Zach's Hypnolamp, and Tara's soldering demo in the center, viewed over the top of Jared's VFD display spectrum analyzer (and FPGA Robotron not visisble in this photo).

Click "Read more" for more pictures, source code and other stuff

Unix Select-Paste in Arduino Editor

Submitted by paul on Mon, 2013-04-22 06:14

The Arduino IDE editor's lack of support for X11's select-paste mechanism has always annoyed me.  Well, I finally got around to adding it.  Especially for helping people with their Arduino troubles (which I do every day), it's so very nice to finally be able to quickly select-paste between Arduino and forum messages, email, terminal windows, etc.

This is a Unix/X11 feature.  Mac & Windows do not have anything similar.  But on Linux it's so very fast and convenient.  This tiny little feature really makes me happy.  :-)

Update: Arduino 1.0.5 now has this feature on Linux.  It's not mentioned in the release notes, but if you try select-paste, it now works properly even without installing Teensyduino.