Help Wanted with 8x8 LED Matrix Alpha-numberic Morse-code Display w/ sound

The IDEA is this:

taking an 8x8 LED Matrix... having it display a letter in a 5x5 section of the display(top left corner lets say) then displaying below it the corresponding Morse-code - . - where 2 leds == a dash, 1 led == a dot, and then a blank led to separate each dash/dot... then hooking up a small speaker to out put the Morse-code audibly...and scroll through the alphabet and digits 0-9 prefer using a Teensy as it would make a nice smallish package :)

Really just need help with how to write the sketch to display the different parts together all at once...


Fire Test Using Kinect

Bus Pirate, Built At Home (Hand Soldered)

Scott tested and programmed my hand-soldered Bus Pirate at the meetup last Monday. Apparently it works. Not sure when I'll actually use it, but nice to know it'll be ready to go....

Just wanted to post a high quality photo of the Bus Pirate board, Dorkbot PDX version.

Thanks Greg, Scott, Jim, Monty, Jared, and everyone else who had a hand in making this happen! :-)

Building the Bus Pirate at home

I delivered some Bus Pirate kits at the last DorkbotPDX meeting and I'm about to ship the kits to those that mail-ordered them. So I figured you might find some instructions helpful.

ShiftMatrixPWM Arduino Library Test

Thanks to Russel for this awesome battery, and of course Elco Jacobs for writing ShiftMatrixPWM.

Kinect Cat Sequencer

I went to the DorkbotPDX Open Lab today (Feb 26th, 2012) at ADX and sat down to play with the Kinect I got a while ago. The result is a "Cat Sequencer" that uses the Kinect to trigger samples. There are two looping samples and one non looping sample. The trigger areas for the samples have been placed around the plates. They are visible on the computer as cubes. The more solid the cubes the more filled the trigger area is. Once the trigger is filled enough, it plays a sample. Read on for more details and code.

Kinect Cat Sequencer from Brian Richardson on Vimeo.

Dorkbot Open Lab -- February 26th

Where: ADX, 417 SE 11th, Portland
When: Sunday, February 26 -- 1-5pm

It's open lab time again!

What is that, you ask? We provide the space (and some power outlets), and you bring the tools and whatever projects your working on. This is also a great opportunity to ask your fellow dorks for help with a project.

Also good to bring: power strips and extension cords if you have any to spare.

AltSoftSerial Arduino Library

I recently published a new AltSoftSerial Arduino Library. It's meant as an alternative for Arduino's normal SoftwareSerial library, for more demanding applications that need simultaneous data transfer.

Building a Teardrop Trailer

I plan to go camping a lot in the summer and to make the camping more enjoyable I decided to build a Teardrop Trailer. I created a website where I'll log the progress with as many pictures as I can, tools I use and materials. If anyone is interested here it is:

DorkbotPDX BusPirate Board Design

For the many of you who are wanting a BusPirate, here are the design files. The Schematic, the Board and the Gerbers as a zip. Please review and comment - we don't want any errors in this!

Special thanks to Monty for the DorkbotPDX logo. Who knew what artistic talent he has? ;>)}}

Also thanks to Monty, Scott D. and Greg P. for comments and suggestions while I was editing the board and Gerbering.

Most of all, thanks to Greg for organizing this whole adventure and to Jared for setting us off on it to begin with.

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