ByteBeat in the Background

Bytebeats radically reduce the already austere chiptune music to one-line formulas. When wrapped with a dozen more characters of C code these formulas will feed your sound card endlessly. Musicians speak of discovering bytebeats, not composing them. I've used a bytebeat dubbed Crowd as the background score for a one-day film shot yesterday. Note that I include the entire discovery in the film's credits (disrespectfully broken into two lines.)


Kragen has written a good summary of the short history of bytebeat with links to catalogs, videos, analysis and especially interactive tools for exploring them.


Media Has Been Approved

My friends at CitizenGlobal describe this film as quirky. My over all message is that you don't have to leave your own home to explore.

The over-the-top tone of the film comes from wanting to look like I wanted to win a contest even though I'm probably ineligible give that I work for the company hosting it.

For my friends here at Dorkbot, where I promised a post about my digital holiday lights, well, this is it:!/media/rkrges

Watch this with headphones so you can hear the great base in Kragen's ByteBeat. It drives the action forward.